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This site is currently administrated by interfaith minister Angie Alexandra.  Please drop her an email or give her a call with your questions or to find a minister/celebrant or counsellor in your area.

There are active interfaith ministers across the UK, so throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Also in other parts of Europe for example in Ireland and Germany.

All interfaith ministers can hold baby blessings, sacred ceremonies of marriage and commitment, funerals and memorials, and other ceremonies of healing and support.

Interfaith ministers are authorized to hold legal marriage ceremonies dependant on which part of the UK they are based in.

Some ministers offer spiritual counselling, some ceremony, and some offer both.  Angie will help find someone who can provide what you are seeking, so . . .

When you enquire please let Angie know

If seeking counselling, if you are specifically interested in face to face or phone or Skype sessions?

If seeking ceremony, what sort of ceremony you are interested in?

For a wedding please give detail of

Are you seeking a legal or non legal ceremony?  A religious, spiritual or non religious ceremony?

What date have you chosen, or please give some indication of when if you have yet to settle on a specific date

Where will your ceremony take place, or please give some indication of where if you have yet to settle on a specific location

Anything about the detail of your ceremony like numbers of guests or particular rituals that you know you’d like to include

For a funeral please give detail of

The date you have settled on or some idea of when you hope to have the ceremony if you have yet to confirm a specific date

Where your ceremony will take place, or some indication of where you hope to hold the ceremony if you have yet to confirm arrangements

Anything about your loved one or detail of the ceremony you wish to hold in their honour

Contact Angie on

Landline 01309 692523

Mobile or Text or FaceTime 07940 735555 (FT by pre-arrangement)

Skype revang67 (Skype by pre-arrangement)

Please note that you would need to call or text or email Angie to pre-arrange a start time to speak using FaceTime or Skype

There is also a list of active interfaith ministers on the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation website


Interfaith Ministers offering Civil Partnerships - Lesbian and Gay Marriage Ceremonies

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