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We are interfaith ministers and independent celebrants here to offer you freedom, choice and flexibility whether you’re seeking a wedding, funeral, naming, or any other kind of ceremony or counselling. We will honour and respond to your ceremony needs whatever they are and understand the need for sensitive, customised celebrations in times of joy and in times of sadness.

We offer 'traditional' ministry in an alternative way - YOUR way - all our ceremonies are personal and about YOU! No 'one size fits all' or you having to settle for anything less than what feels fitting for you.

Lesbian marriageWe are men and women, both gay and straight, from all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life, who have undergone a two year training by The Interfaith Seminary culminating in ordination. We're not church ministers or ministers of religion, rather ministers of people - of YOU - and YOUR individual and personal needs and wants.

We live and work by a Code of Ethics, which includes a vision of inclusivity.  We keep our hearts and minds open to everyone celebrating difference but not separation. We do not marginalize people on the basis of age, state of health, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, economic status or any other distinction.

We celebrate the joining of two people when united in ‘love, respect and equality’, and we believe this privilege should be available to all who wish it.  We celebrate changes in legislation in different parts of the UK which mean that in Scotland and Ireland we can now offer the same wedding ceremony options to same sex and opposite sex couples.  This means spiritual and religious, legal gay marriage, legal same sex marriage, and legal gay and lesbian weddings.  On the marriage page there is a list of direct contacts so you can find out exactly what options are available to you depending on where in the UK or Ireland you will marry.

Gay weddingsFor us the term interfaith is not just about tolerance and goodwill between peoples of different faiths, it's about tolerance and goodwill between ALL people regardless of faith or no faith.  We hold the vision of a unified brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity, united beyond any differences in what we believe or ways in which we are different.  Though you may experience discrimination and intolerance in the world, you can expect to experience a warm welcome and a helpful response from interfaith ministers.



To find a minister who offers gay marriage and other ceremonies please click on the WEDDING page.

To find those ministers who offer other services, please click on the SERVICES page.


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