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There have been recent and significant changes to legislation surrounding legal same sex marriage across parts of the UK and Europe. The legal marriage and civil partnership ceremony options interfaith ministers can offer you depend on where in the UK or Europe you would like to get married or civilly partnered.

For example in Scotland and Ireland interfaith ministers can offer exactly the same legal and non legal marriage options to same sex, LGBT, LGBTQ and opposite sex couples; also legal civil partnership options to same sex couples.

There are some places in England where you can have a legal same sex marriage. At the bottom of this page there is a list of contacts so you can find out exactly what options are available to you.

As interfaith ministers we offer complete freedom and flexibility for the content and wording of your ceremony according to your religious, spiritual, moral or philosophical beliefs. Whilst we can hold your ceremony anywhere, there may be restrictions imposed by the location of your choice as to who is permitted to hold a ceremony there.

Whether legal or not, your marriage ceremony can be very personal and all about you. Simple or elaborate, with just you or a small group of close friends or with all your family and friends, it can be light or deep, sacred or secular – you choose.

Within your wedding ceremony you are free to exchange personal or traditional vows and rings, use elements from religious or spiritual paths meaningful to you, and you can have the readings, music and ritual of your choice – maybe a hand tying, a candle lighting, a sand pouring? Something else creative and unique to you?

Interfaith ministers find out about you and what you would like to include in your wedding ceremony, and then we weave everything together into a ceremony written just for you.

For Scotland find out about legal and non legal same sex marriage, and legal civil partnership, from Angie Alexandra
07940 735555

For Northern Ireland contact Claire Contino to find out about your same sex marriage ceremony options
07825 294371

For Ireland any minister on the Irish website can tell you how to go about having a legal or non legal same sex marriage in Eire

For England Phil Parkinson can give you the latest overview and direction if you’re a gay or lesbian couple and you’d like to be married legally
07730 337300

For Wales receive information about the current status on legal and non legal lesbian and gay marriage options from Lindsay Jarrett

In Europe and anywhere else in the world interfaith ministers can always offer non legal marriage options to same sex, LGBT, LGBTQ and opposite sex couples. Depending on the location of the ceremony, the country’s legal system and the couple’s nationality, a legal ceremony held by an interfaith minister might also be possible but this would need researching according to individual circumstances. Again contact Lindsay Jarrett to find if there’s an interfaith minister in the country you’re considering for your nuptials.


Amanda and Tracy Taylor-Carpenter were married in a ceremony by Reverend Vanessa Hindle - Amanda wrote the following:

Lesbian marriage with 8 ministers‘From our very first meeting with Vanessa we knew she 'got us' and was listening intently with both her ears and her heart to what it was we wanted from our ceremony. She was very open to our input during the creating of the ceremony and asked lots of questions; but beyond that and what nourished us most, was that we had the sense that throughout the whole process, from start to finish, this sacred union was being nurtured and prayed for everyday.’

Jan and Ali Temenos were married on a Saturday in September in their Village Hall. This is what Ali said ...

Bride and bride‘The most important part of the ceremony for us was to create it as totally sacred, to reflect ourselves and our true feelings for each other, and to further deepen our connection not only with each other but with God, Divine Spirit, The Beloved...

It was such a special heart opening and sacred time, we reached incredible depths. We had 100 guests to celebrate our marriage and since that day we have received so many thank you cards and emails and telephone calls! Friends from all walks of life were so deeply moved by the whole
experience, such comments as. . . .
"that was the best wedding I've ever been to. . ."
"the ritual was so moving and your love so palpable"
"I couldn't stop crying, it was so moving"
"It was so so sacred, such an honour to witness"
"I was so affected I couldn't speak afterwards"
"I've never been to such an amazing wedding"
"It was so unique, personal and individual"
AND the comments like that just kept coming in!’

Ben and Adam Pope were married at Avebury Stone Circle on a sunny November day by Reverend Sally Nancy Gardner - here's what Ben wrote ...

Outdoor gay wedding ceremony 'As for my experience of the preparation, I can honestly say that it was such a valuable time. With a gay ceremony, there is no format to follow - none of the commonly held views as to how such an occasion should be shaped really apply. As such, we began with a completely blank canvas. Which is, in hindsight, a wonderful thing. At the time, it was slightly daunting. It was only when we first started exploring what we could do that I realised that I'd not really considered it at all - the minute by minute itinerary had not only not occurred to me, but it hadn't even occurred to me
that it should occur to me.

Sally was amazing at this point. Talking to us together, then separately, trying to pick out what we considered important, what we valued most, what we wanted to achieve from the day, and what aspects of the day we would look to take with us forever, and weaving all these threads into a coherent pattern. Again, these were all things that we'd never consciously spoken of or thought about before this time. Similarly, the flexibility that Sally offered us - taking some of our more strange ideas (edible roses, bracelets and giant pumpkins to name but three) and including them in the grand narrative was wonderful, and similarly, allowing us to leave out bits that didn't seem to resonate with us, so we were left with a really public and personal day.

I would say that the things that have had a lasting impact have been the vows - I didn't expect that they would, and I was slightly reluctant (if I remember rightly) to do them, but I'm happy to say that I was wrong. The time we spent (separately) looking at our relationship and wondering what it is that we do well, and what we do not so well, and promising to do more of the first and less of the second has really helped.

And one of the nicest things is that everyone who came that day still talks about it, and still remembers it as a lovely day.'

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