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When a loved one passes, or when we consider our own mortality, we need kindness, compassion and sensitivity. Interfaith Ministers aspire to be able to meet each request for help with what's needed, offering comfort and strength to those in need.

Interfaith ministers offer ceremony and support in many shapes and forms for example naming ceremonies, unique requests such as ‘coming out’ or divorce ceremonies, spiritual counselling, funerals and memorials.


A naming ceremony could be for you, or for babies and children of any age. If you have one or more children you may like to have a family blessing, or if you're adopting a child or children you may like to have a special ceremony to acknowledge your new family unit.
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When a loved one passes, we often have to act quickly to make suitable and practical arrangements for a funeral or memorial service. If using a funeral director he or she might already know of an interfaith minister in your area. If not, you might appreciate some help to find someone who can respond to your specific ceremony needs, with an assurance that they can offer complete flexibility and freedom every step of the way. 

Call our dedicated funeral helpline to find a minister in your area on 0333 332 1996.

Find a minister in your area by looking online

There is no legal aspect to a funeral ceremony which can happen however and whenever you wish - there is however a legal paperwork procedure following a death which is different depending on whether you are making arrangements for a burial or cremation, and there may be restrictions on where a ceremony can take place.

Interfaith ministers can hold funerals and memorials anywhere subject to permission being granted by the owner/caretaker of a location – usual places would be funeral homes and crematoria and green burial grounds and cemeteries.

We can also hold ceremonies in churches, chapels and other houses of worship subject to the approval and permission of the religious leader who would usually lead a service there.  We can hold ceremonies in collaboration with religious leaders, and we can also hold ceremonies in function rooms, in halls, in private residences, in gardens and on beaches.

As interfaith ministers we believe that your personal beliefs and the personal beliefs of your loved one can be honoured whatever they are/were, so we offer ceremonies which could be defined as religious, or alternatively religious, or spiritual, or part religious, or non religious, or secular or humanistic.

We aspire to hold funeral and memorial services with exactly what’s called for – sometimes grace, dignity and depth; sometimes creativity, lightness and humour.  Always with sensitivity, reverence and compassion.

A ceremony can be long or short, simple or complex – most importantly you can have the exact ceremony you wish. We ask how we can help you rather than telling you what you can or can’t have.  We offer suggestions and meet with or speak with anyone you would like to contribute to the service.

We’re happy to include religious or spiritual language or wording, or elements such as hymns or prayers, or reference to the possibility of an afterlife if wished, and would do so with the greatest sensitivity to all those gathered.

Interfaith ministers endeavour to meet your request for help with whatever is needed.


You might be seeking something you feel is a little alternative and you’re not sure where to find it - such as a ceremony for separation or divorce, a coming out ceremony, a healing ritual, a house or business or land blessing, a birthday or anniversary blessing, a re-naming ceremony - please ask if you feel you have an unusual request, chances are we can help.  Find a minister in your area by looking online.


When you feel you need to find a sense of inner peace within yourself in general or around a specific issue, spiritual counselling can offer you a loving and listening ear without judgment. Each individual minister works in their own unique way bringing the interfaith counselling model together with their own unique gifts.

The session could be just you talking so that you get things off your chest, or it could include creative elements. If it's appropriate to you - because we take our lead from you as to what you need and like and what feels safe for you - some of the following may be used - prayer, silence, meditation, visualisation, hands on healing, dance, song. Just as you are unique, so each minister is unique, and each session is unique. Once you have found a minister in your area you can then contact them to find out about their way of working within the spiritual counselling model.  Find a minister in your area by looking online.



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